Victoria Lywood is known internationally as a Professional Forensic Artist located in Montreal, Canada.  Her specialties include confidential, sincere and personalized handling of the following services.

Forensic Facial Reconstruction: 2D and 3D facial approximations reveal the likeness of unidentified human remains.

Composite Police Sketches: Witness and victim descriptions developed into a drawing of the unknown face assist the police and public locate a wanted person.

Post Mortem Rendering: Photographs of nameless facial remains in various degrees of decomposition can be restored for public presentation to quickly advance an investigation.

Age Progression: Update cold case files of missing children and fugitives with an image of how they may look today.

3D Imaging: No issues of chain of evidence when a victim's skull is built from a CT scan. View the faces of mummies and historical figures when CAT scans and facial reconstructions are combined.

FX Special Effects: Make-up and silicone prosthetics can be customized to depict facial trauma for movies and television.

Molding and Casting: Clay facial approximations can be molded and cast into hard sculptures for easy transport and museum exhibits.

Public Venues: Experience a visual presentation of forensic art and the work of a professional forensic artist through lectures, workshops, or demonstrations customized to your own event.

Consultant: Forensic Art Inquiries? Which method is best for your project or case? Contact us.

Commissioned Artwork: Contract a sketch of a loved one as a gift or memento.

Please browse this new website and become informed when considering your forensic art needs.  If you are concerned with the following:

·        Resolution of  any of the hundreds of unidentified human remains on record in this country

·        Development of victim or suspect composite sketches to accompany daily occurrences

·        Age progressed facial depiction of any of the 4800 long-term missing persons on record in Canada

·        Representation of historical faces created for museum projects and display

·        Requisition of commissioned portraits

and require expert service wherever you may be located, please contact us.





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