About the Artist

Victoria has studied Professional Facial Reconstruction at the Unit of Art in Medicine, University of Manchester which included courses in Facial Anatomy, Forensic Anthropology, Skull Casting, Facial Anthropology and the Manchester Method of Anatomical Facial Reconstruction. The American Method of 3-D Facial Reconstruction; 2-D facial approximation; postmortem rendering; age progression and composite imagery have been studied with US experts. Lectures and visual presentations on these processes have been presented to College and University level students and Law Enforcement personnel. Facial reconstructions which span a multitude of ancestral groups and range in age from 3 years to 75 years have been developed upon the crania contained in the extensive osteology collection at John Abbott College, Montreal Quebec.


Through her association with the Anthropology and Engineering Departments at John Abbott College, Victoria has had the opportunity to pursue her interest in 3-D imaging by printing three-dimensional skulls from CT scans using a rapid prototype printer for the purpose of facial reconstructions.  This has enabled her to explore and recreate faces from mummified remains, historical figures and individuals from cold cases as well as develop projects for the purposes of facial recognition and identification.


She is a member of the International Association of Craniofacial Identification and the Canadian Association of Physical Anthropology.

American Method                                             Anatomical Method