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Black Watch: Massacre at Verrières Ridge (2006) A  Northern Sky production for History Television

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                                                Thank you to Cpl. Jim Wilkinson

                                                Senior NCO Scout Platoon

                                                1st Battalion Black Watch RHR Canada for additional information.



Sean Lally as Cpl. Bruce Ducet

Cpl. Bruce “Duke” Ducet, B Company, was hit by shrapnel which sheared off the top layers of his face while scaling Verrières Ridge.  Taken prisoner, captors slapped the hanging skin back onto his face and tied a rag around his head to keep it in place. He marched 3 days before receiving medical attention.

Sean Kelly as the Dead Essex Soldier 

Kevin Stata in the role of Pte James “Tex” Richards of Jacksonville FL, who died on the battle field.


"Hans"   the headless enemy was left on the cutting room floor.