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Justin has been missing from his Ottawa home since 2009.  Below is a drawing of how he may appear today.  If you have any information that may lead to the discovery of Justin's location, please contact the Ottawa Police Services  613-236-1222, ext. 2355.

John Timothy SHINNICK  - Wanted for Attempted Murder and Robbery

ID #95-115

The Hayward Police Department is currently seeking John Timothy Shinnick on warrant charging him with Attempted Murder and Robbery.  According to detectives, Shinnick allegedly armed himself with a 45 caliber handgun and attempted to rob a parked motorist at a fast food restaurant near Jackson Avenue and Cypress Avenue in Hayward.  When the victim tried to drive off, Shinnick broke out the car window and shot the victim in the face.

Shinnick knows he is wanted and states he will shoot it out with the police or kill a police officer. He is also wanted for desertion from the military.  Shinnick uses the alias of Scott Trey and John Bradshaw and has tattoos of Tim and Desert Storm. He was last known to frequent the Hayward, San Jose and Mountain View areas.

The sketch has been age age-progressed to show Shinnick today in his early 40s.

Update in 2010: Law enforcement has also received information he may have moved to Tennessee.

Please call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text us at 408-355-0999 or to send a confidential email tip, if you know his whereabouts.

Por favor llame la línea de Los Fugitivos en 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) o texto en 408-355-0999 o haga clic aquí para enviar un email a, si usted sabe su paradero.


Salvador Negrete SUAREZ - Wanted for Murder and Unlawful Flight

ID #94-057

The San Jose police and the FBI are now seeking Salvador Negrete Suarez on warrants charging him with Murder and Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. Detectives report that on December 26, 1990, the victim and a passenger were driving southbound on Freeway 101 near Guadalupe Parkway in San Jose. Suarez allegedly pulled alongside of the victim’s vehicle and shot him several times, killing him. The victim crashed and CHP was dispatched to a reported car crash. When the CHP officers arrived they discovered the victim had been shot to death. Suarez is believed to have fled to Mexico but may have returned to the area and may be living here under an unknown alias.


Suarez is shown in these sketches to be approx. mid 50s yrs of age.

 Please call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text us at 408-355-0999 or to send a confidential email tip, if you know his whereabouts.

Por favor llame la línea de Los Fugitivos en 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) o texto en 408-355-0999 o haga clic aquí para enviar un email a, si usted sabe su paradero.


Jose Pantoja MENDOZA - Wanted for Murder

ID #93-011

The Menlo Park Police Department is currently seeking Jose Pantoja Mendoza on a warrant charging him with Murder.  According to detectives, Mendoza allegedly accosted the victim as he was buying gas at a gas station on Marsh Road.  Mendoza then allegedly shot and killed the victim.  He then fled the scene in a gray Mercury Cougar.  Mendoza was reportedly arrested in Mexico but escaped from custody before he could be extradited back to Menlo Park. The original photo depicts Mendoza at age 22.  He is now 42 years old.

Call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text us at 408-355-0999 or to send a confidential email tip, if you know his whereabouts.

Por favor llame la línea de Los Fugitivos en 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) o texto en 408-355-0999 o haga clic aquí para enviar un email a, si usted sabe su paradero.


Galdino Martin RAMIREZ - Wanted for Murder



The Newark Police Department reports they are currently seeking Galdino Martin Ramirez on a warrant charging him with Murder.  According to Detective Peter Carlson, on July 14, 1991, Ramirez allegedly stabbed to death a female bartender at the Las Quatras Bar on Ash Street. Ramirez has a prominent tattoo on the side of his neck and is known to use the alias of Jesus Martin Velasquez or “Chicken”.  He was also known to be a heroin dealer and frequents the Decoto section of Union City.

Call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text us at 408-355-0999 or to send a confidential email tip, if you know his whereabouts.

Por favor llame la línea de Los Fugitivos en 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) o texto en 408-355-0999 o haga clic aquí para enviar un email a, si usted sabe su paradero.






TEXT A TIP TO  408-355-0999


Grace Doe:  Unidentified skeletal remains

Grace’s badly decomposed body was discovered on December 2, 1990 in some weeds beside an abandoned house on Oscar Talley Road, midway between Lanagan and Pineville, Missouri. By the time the remains were found and reported a month later, they consisted of a partially scattered skeleton, some hair and some leg tissue. Based on the anthropology report, the victim was probably in her mid-to-late 20s, stood between 5-foot-1 and 5-foot-4 and was slender, possibly 120 lbs. In life her hair was thought to be collar length, dark brown, wavy with a natural red highlight in the sun.  Eye colour is unknown.

At the time of her murder, Grace was hogtied with six different types of material: Nylon rope, lead rope, coaxial cable, telephone cable, parachute cord and clothesline. Because of the way she was bound, both hands behind the back and tied to one leg with a shoelace, it is believed that Grace was also raped before she died.

When the remains of Grace Doe were found, she was wearing a larger sized, stone-washed, Levis jacket; a larger sized white t-shirt with a left pocket; ladies' "Lee" brand denim jeans with the cuffs rolled to the tops of her "Fitness" brand white sneakers.

If you recognize Grace, or have any information about this case please call Detective Lorie Howard at the McDonald County Sheriff's Office 417-223-7430

Read the entire story for more information:

This case can be solved if one person recognizes the story or recognizes the facial approximation of Grace. This will only happen if the story reaches as many people as possible. Please take a moment to sign the petition below to receive additional publicity for Grace Doe. Help solve this murder!

Thank you! - VL


Tom Thomson:  Identified - pending DNA analysis

The 2d facial reconstruction reveals that a man who looks like Tom Thomson and has a number of consistencies among the skull, drawing and life photos is buried in the grave previously thought in the 1950s to belong to a 20 yr old aboriginal male.

The forensic investigation began with Ottawa dentists, Dr. Bob Crook and Dr. Jim Hickman. Independent analyses of skull photos were completed by experts Dr. Ronald F. Williamson, (University of Toronto and founder of Archaeological Services, Inc., Toronto); Alexis Hutcheson, (biological anthropologist); Dr. Andrew Riddle, (archaeologist, Archaeological Services Inc.) and Dr. Susan Pfeiffer, (biological anthropologist, researcher and former Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto).

The mystery of the Thomson burial has not been solved until the remains have been located, exhumed and DNA compared to family members.

 A comprehensive coverage of the Tom Thomson story is included in author Roy MacGregor’s book Northern Light – The enduring mystery of Tom Thomson and the woman who loved him".

Please don’t miss the slideshow and book excerpts which can be found at the Toronto Globe and Mail:

 The Man in the Red High Heels:  Unidentified skeletal remains.

To amateur and professional cold case investigators: Your assistance   is urgently  needed to help identify this long neglected victim!

 The victim’s remains were discovered on July 16, 1980, on the  Eleventh Concession near Steeles Avenue in Markham, Ontario and he is believed to have died approximately 3 years earlier.  In 1983, three years after the body was found, for some unknown reason, the body and the clothing found with it were buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery essentially causing all physical evidence to disappear.

 In 2007, the remains were exhumed, believing a possible connection with the murders of Richard Hovey and Eric Jones who were identified through massive media coverage of facial reconstructions. (Please see links below).

The skull of The Man in the Red High Heels had been virtually reassembled from  fragmented remains and recreated in  3d on a rapid prototype printer at John Abbott College, QC. The facial reconstructions were completed within 3 weeks and delivered to York Regional Police Cold Case Unit in July 2009.  The facial reconstruction of The Man in the Red High Heels has been exposed once on the national news in Dec 2009 at approximately 8:10 am. (News coverage is to the best of the artist’s information).

To date, the facial images and clothing sketches have never been posted on the unidentified bodies site belonging to the Ontario provincial authorities. While there may have been more local media releases in the Toronto area, it is the artist’s opinion that news coverage of any cold case file must be extensive and repeated in order that just one person out there with the knowlege of the deceased can recognize the images and the story.

The 2d reconstruction has never been seen as a 3d photo was incorrectly posted instead on the police website.

The full body clothing sketch is the artist’s initial impression received from a meager available description. Although the shoes were described as pink and red, the pink portion could never be pin-pointed. Specific details of the shirt and jeans are only an impression as no examples were offered at the time of the drawings.

To Recap: The Man in the Red High Heels has not been seen by family or friends since approximately 1977. His remains were discovered in July 1980 one mile north of Steeles Avenue in a bushy area on the east side of 11th Concession in Markham Ontario.  He is said to have been a white male between the ages of 25 to 40 years with a slim build weighing approximately 99-121 lbs. and was about 5ft 4 in. to 5ft 7 in. tall.  He had medium to dark brown straight hair, 4 inches long. He had fillings in his teeth and a number of his teeth had been missing for some time before he died. His eye colour is unknown. He was wearing a lady’s red shirt, women’s “Brittania” jeans (sized 30 inch waist and a 29 inch inseam), white frilled socks and red and pink high heeled shoes.

Articles found in the same area include a compact containing a mirror and face powder and 2 green, plastic garbage bags with additonal articles. 

Please help this victim go home.  Talk about the case and spread the news across the borders, as he may not be from Ontario, Canada.  If you recognize the face or the story and can offer any leads to detectives, please contact Det. David MacDonald, Homicide Unit, York Regional Police at 1-866-876-5423, (905) 830-0303 ext 7871.

See the links below for additional information on the Hovey, Jones and The Man in the Red High Heels cases.

Read more:



The Lady in the Well:  Unidentified skeletal remains.

The Lady in the Well is Saskatoon Police Services' oldest cold case file. In June 2006 a body was found in what used to be an old well in the area that was once called Sutherland Saskatchewan and is now part of Saskatoon..

The murderer sawed the victim's arm in order to fit the body into a barrel before tossing it into the well.  Forensic investigations by Saskatoon Police and archaeologist Dr. Ernie Walker determined that the Lady in the Well died between the years of 1920 to 1924. She was a healthy white female, approximately 5 ft, 1 inch in height with light brown to reddish brown hair, possibly middle class.  Her jaw bone was not found so in life she could have had a larger or smaller chin. Eye colour is unknown.

Local historians and textile experts were able to assemble a clothing recreation from the remnants discovered in the well. A broken 18 karat gold chain, missing its pendant was found with the remains. Gold of this quality would have been a rarity in the Prairies a century ago and likely came from Europe or Eastern Canada.

Saskatoon Police Services are determined to solve this case. You can help if you have a missing family member whose story fits the details and /or possibly recognize the face from old family photos.

If so, contact the Cold Case detective at the Saskatoon Police Services, 130 4th Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2L3
1-(306) 975-8300

 Bravo Saskatoon Police Services for keeping this story in the media! 

For additional details: