3-D Imaging



Imagine the possibilities investigators would have for identifying unknown human remains if every individual discovered was subjected to a CT scan as well as DNA collection at the coroner’s office.  If this technology existed and had been used for the hundreds of unidentified cold case remains buried in this country today, detectives and medical examiners would need only one small digital file to reference the body.  New discoveries that may have been missed could be made after interment.  New information relating to the deceased could be easily confirmed. A prototype facsimile of the skull for facial reconstruction could be retrieved as an additional attempt to identify the deceased when all other methods had failed.


With the creation of a permanent record by CT scan historical remains disinterred during modern construction projects and archeological digs would give future students and researchers the opportunity to study remains of our ancestors and could answer questions pertaining to our own civilization which have not yet been conceived.

Making skulls at John Abbott College.

One slice of a CT scan                            Computer image 3-D skull                Ready to print mini skulls

Excavating Mini skulls from printer                                        Finished product